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Step 1: Connect to Your Studio

ARES Step 1

ARES Interactive Media connects you to an audience of any size. The technology fits all live production sets. If you are already streaming on the web, only a very small hardware investment is needed for using ARES. Interview participants or reporters live in your event, with a quality above that of normal webcam communication.

Step 2: Add Teammates

ARES Step 2

You will always have a full control over your audience. The main controller interface launches any interactive features whenever it is needed with a single click. Depending on the size of the event and the number of interactions that are included in the event, the main controller can be operated by one of the crew member or by the host himself.

Any video or audio communication must be filtered before putting it on air. ARES Interactive's Call Controller makes it all possible, in many different ways. Select any participant to interview by the look of their set up or the importance of their question. Then, verify the person and his sound quality in a private call, before automatically routing him to the right video switcher input and place the participant on air.


Step 3: Launch ARES on the Cloud

ARES Step 3

ARES Broadcast Manager will manage and launch all the ARES instances needed and provide control to your team. The first instance of ARES is started by a click and ARES will take care of the rest. One ARES instance can support up to 4000 participants. The ARES Broadcast Manager will also start 3 Wowza servers per 4000 participant for the SD resolution. All Amazon instances will expand automatically with your growing audiences. The ARES participant limit is the limit of the Amazon Cloud.

Step 4: Invite your Audience

ARES Step 4

Participants don’t have to download anything. ARES is a totally web based technology. Send invitations by e-mail or place a link on your site. The only thing required by the participant is to enter a name or a pseudonym if you want to know who you are talking to. Entrance can be also secured for your valued broadcasts.


Step 5: Start Broadcasting

You will see all present participants even before you start the event. You can make messages appear on the participants screen prior to the start of the event. The show starts on your command.

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Patent Pending

ARES is a Patent Pending technology. We have filed for two US Patents: US 64/697,461

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