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Live web TV Broadcasting
  • Make your WebTV more dynamic
  • Invent new content

Your live WebTV page is only displaying a video player. Upgrade your web studio with ARES Interactive Media and get totally interactive with your viewers, who will become participants.

We have been producing 8 live specialised WebTV shows daily for many years and we are fully interactive with all participants. ARES makes it easier to produce content. It increases the interest of your audience. It allows you to do so much more with your audience, it's really worth the transition from one-way monologue to bi-directional communication. Ask us for a free demo.


ARES on Decision Plus Decsion Plus Inc. has been broadcasting two on-line shows daily with ARES Interactive Media since 2011.

ARES on has been broadcasting 6 daily on-line shows using ARES Interactive Media since 2012.

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Patent Pending

ARES is a Patent Pending technology. We have filed for two US Patents: US 64/697,461

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