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Developped by a Broadcaster for the Broadcasters

Ares is a unique resource, developed by broadcasters and top innovative webcasters. There’s nothing like it. Put your station group, newscast, news channel, TV show, TV network or Radio station/network ahead of all competitors with a level of audience engagement and cost-efficiency never possible till now. Ares can make a real difference in your on-air and online success.

ARES Interactive Media engages the audience, viewers are able to interact live with the host and with other members of the audience. ARES is bi-directional broadcast technology.

Live Television Broadcasting
Welcome to this new world where broadcasters not only interact live with their audience but where finally they will be able to connect their TV audiences with their web audiences - on scale. ARES is the missing link which will also allow TV viewers to become an engaged TV viewers, and, participants via our unique video call filtering system, and our extensive polling and profiling capabilities.

Ares includes on-air and online engagement like no other - this includes integrating social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.) Ares provides amazing industry-leading live interactivity that scales to tens of thousands for video involvement and millions for polling.

Live Radio + Online Video Broadcasting

Radio stations have for decades taken advantage of being interactive with their audience via phone calls and more recently online polls. Many use webcam streams of audio and a few have begun live interactive video streams. Ares is perfectly positioned to revolutionize and accelerate this trend.

With ARES Interactive Media, radio stations are Radio + online Video stations. Interaction is easy for radio hosts/operators as well as for listeners/viewers.

Engage your audience: poll as part of video streaming, use the brilliant and unique Ares Video Call Filtering to include your audience like never before.

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ARES television

ARES television

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Patent Pending

ARES is a Patent Pending technology. We have filed for two US Patents: US 64/697,461

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