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Reports indicate 51% of the world's population takes part in some form of gambling every year. With the expansion of the online gaming industry, players have come to expect the highest quality of experience. Ares Interactive Media brings a new era in this industry, with an array of capabilities like online live bidding on bidders, unique engagement in Play-with-Gaming-Masters events and training sessions, online tournaments with unprecedented production quality and audience participation, betting for cash where legal, and for prestige points where it isn’t yet. Ares unique system has a dramatic lead over anything else in the industry. Use Ares to keep ahead in the market for years to come.

ARES possibilities for the Gaming Industry
Transform all viewers of world tournament TV broadcasts into engaged participants - turn a promotional cost into a profit center. Ares provides a unique technology to interact with participants, including the industry’s most advanced video call filtering system, a wagering system, the most advanced training system, a reporting system to classify players and reward viewers. A breakthrough in live video gaming competition is provided by Ares. Thousands can simultaneously participate, extending to millions of people in some parts of the system.

Ares gaming interaction includes the ability for any tournament viewer to bid on anything specified (who wins the next hand, who’s got the advantage now, who at a given table will win, how far his/her favorite player will go etc.) Viewers can be filtered and collaborate - e.g. fans of a given gaming master can have their own “show” and cooperate with mass-polling to advise on his/her next move etc. Players can interact with the audience. Ares is revolutionary audience engagement, that can scale.

Training players and dealers
Player and Dealer training takes a major new step forward with Ares. There are dozens of tools and techniques exclusive to Ares that make learning fun and effective.

Gaming Masters as Teachers
The body of knowledge in the best gaming players is amazing - how easily and effectively Ares makes sharing that knowledge is exceptional as well, and making this type of service very profitable is even better. Participant involvement is unique, and can easily scale to the tens-of-thousands of simultaneous participants on video as well as those interacting by polling, exams, surveys. This process also builds participant profiles to facilitate providing the best user experience and the most profitable engagement. For example, if a player indicates Mr. X is his favorite player, the default promotion and engagement marketing effort can automatically be tied in with this expert. If test results show beginner-level knowledge, he/she can take part in beginner tournaments and trainings.

Profiling customers
Customer profiling has almost unlimited potential. Compliant with user rights policy, customers can be rated, sorted, pooled and directed to their stated interest, gaming stars, geographic location, preferred player type etc.

Data collection enhances profits
Ares data collection strategy improves user experiences and enhances both fun and profitability.

Enhanced “Let's Play” Webcasts
Ares uniquely engaging webcast system can produce tremendous results in making experts available to teach and interact with participants. This makes extremely interesting sessions, well worth the cost of attending. Thousands and tens-of-thousands can simultaneously participate. This is applicable for a wide variety of gaming interests, from cards to a vast array of popular video-and-online games (e.g. MMORPG), which can be embedded in the Ares Interactive video player. The technical capabilities include giving viewers access to the augmented content within the video player, and showing full screen video with the main controller interface.

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ARES is a Patent Pending technology. We have filed for two US Patents: US 64/697,461

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