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Live E-Learning

Every E-learning company equipped with a live production studio will significantly increase the quality and the efficiency of its teaching when equipped with ARES Interactive Media.

Nothing else is pushing the frontier of interactivity as far as ARES. Communicating in both directions is a must between teachers and students. With ARES, everyone can stay at home. Actually, the teacher can be mobile and present his material from anywhere with ARES Reporter Mode. Just imagine everything it can allow you to do. You can go to the limit of your imagination for presenting, explaining, exhibiting...

Teachers can now reach as many students as they can handle. And handling people is what ARES has been built to do. The numerous interactive features of ARES Interactive Media give you all the power and at the same time all the flexibility to teach anything, to anyone, from anywhere in a way that was not possible before ARES Interactive Media.

ARES e-learning

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Patent Pending

ARES is a Patent Pending technology. We have filed for two US Patents: US 64/697,461

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