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Ares Interactive Media, the missing link between broadcast and webcast !

Ares controls the interactions between on-air and online audiences with an innovative set of software tools. It integrates with existing graphics systems, video production switchers, audio mixers, intercom and camera feeds, bringing unique workflow efficiency. It’s a comprehensive all-in-one solution, and, easy to use. Proven daily on numerous shows over the last 3 years, Ares Interactive Media provides powerful production capability. Its extensive automation means operation requires minimal staff.

Until now, when broadcasters and webcasters wanted to engage live audiences, it was primitive and overly complex. Ares Interactive Media integrates all aspects: setting up and organizing video call-in participants, bringing in reporters, experts, live video mobile eye witnesses, handling polls, surveys, gaming participants, viewer panels, online shopping, online bidding and integrating third party web content.
By providing a second screen application for TV viewers, Ares brings interactivity and live video interaction on a broadcast scale. Ares Interactive Media, the missing link between broadcast and webcast. Watch Ares Demo
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How it works ?
You control, dynamically in real time, the Ares videoplayer layout. Viewers have access to prepared augmented content, or any Ares integrated interactive feature, on a click of a button in the Ares main controller interface. Almost all web based content can be used as augmented content within the Ares videoplayer. The second screen application is controlled the same way, but without video streams. Layout, look and feel and capabilities are fully customizable to suit your needs.

  • ARES Television
    1-Default layout: Full Screen Video
  • 2-The Main Controller operator clicks the interactive feature he wants to show to the audience
  • 3-Video player layout change example: now displaying enhanced content
  • ARES Television
    4-To put viewer’s webcams on-air,the Main Controller operator uses the webcam interview button in the video player layout

    Viewers willing to be put on-air, click on the webcam button.
  • 5-The call controller operator filters to choose viewers to put on-air
  • 6-The Call Controller operator clicks a button to put a viewer’s webcam on-air.

    The Ares webcam player receiver automatically connects to the webcam streams. Those are connected to video switcher and audio mixer inputs. Viewers names are also automatically send to the graphics system in the process.
    * Up to 3 webcams on air at the same time in any given on-air/on-line session. Thousands can simultaneously participate via video.
ARES Television

Graphics System/Character Generator Integration

AresCG integrates with graphics systems and broadcast character generators from Chyron-Hego,
vizrt, Title Motion, Imagine and more, providing display in real time all polling, surveys,
questions and comments as possible elements of the on-air/online broadcast. All data are
stored in a database for filtering, post-event analysis and marketing data collection.

Results of all interactive events are recorded via the Ares API, including registration and
use of the cues embedded in the recorded video to make the interactive broadcast available for
video on demand (vod). On demand viewing includes major elements of the live interactive event.

Cloudbased Interactive Solution

Scalability powered by the Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud
With our Cloudbased Interactive Solution you don’t need to make large
upfront investments in hardware and spend a lot of time on the heavy lifting
of managing that hardware. Instead, we can provision exactly the right type
and size of computing resources you need to power your newest
broadcast innovations. With OnDemand Scalability, you can access
as many resources as you need, almost instantly, and only pay for what you use.

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Up to Full HD H264 1080p Video Streaming

Adaptive bitrate streaming provides consumers of streaming media
with the best-possible experience, since the media server automatically
adapts to any changes in each user's network and playback conditions.
Adaptive bitrate video stream available in RTMP, HDS and HLS formats
and they can be distributed to any major CDN (Akamai, Limelight, Level 3)

This makes Ares Interactive Media compatible with any computer,
Android Smartphone and Tablet, Apple iPad and iPhone,
Smart TV and more.

Wowza Media Server Driven technology

Wowza software is platform-agnostic, multi-format, and multi-screen.
It takes in any video format, transcodes it once, and reliably delivers
it in multiple formats and with the highest possible quality
to any connected device, anywhere.

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Collect data and Monetize your Broadcast / Webcast

On the fly polling and detailed surveys of Ares allow the broadcaster to collect data
about audience habits and behavior. Broadcasters and webcasters need to optimize their
marketing strategies in order to achieve competitive advantages over their competitors.
In view of this, Ares Interactive Media helps you by providing a better data collection strategy,
one you can use to enhance your digital marketing results and improve profitability.
We help you to connect with people on an emotional-psychological level. Because only
with deeper understanding that addresses emotional characteristics can marketers
deliver a personalized experience relevant to each individual's needs. It is the best way
to know what your audience thinks. Ares provides unprecedented levels of engagement
details in reporting. Use this knowledge to increase purchases, increase length of
time engaged - resulting in profitability enhancement.

Social Media Integration

Receive live feed from Ares Question bar, Twitter and facebook
in a single interface. Filter, spell correct and put those comments or questions into a cue line.
Then send via the character generator to air. Commonly this includes avatars and usernames.

* Additional installations and licences required.

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Our Markets

  • ARES Television
    Television and Radio Broadcasters

    Ares is a unique resource, developed by broadcasters and top innovative webcasters. There’s nothing like it. Put your station group, Radio Show, TV show or TV network ahead of all competitors. Ares provides a level of audience engagement and cost-efficiency never possible till now. Ares can make a real difference in your on-air and online success.

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  • Gaming Industry

    Reports indicate 51% of the world's population takes part in some form of gambling every year. With the expansion of the online gaming industry, players have come to expect the highest quality of experience. Ares Interactive Media brings a new era in this industry, with an array of new capabilities like online live bidding on bidders, unique engagement in Play-with-Gaming-Masters events and training sessions, online tournaments with unprecedented production quality and audience participation - better for cash where legal, and for points and prestige where it isn’t yet. Ares unique system has a dramatic lead over anything else in the industry - we’ll keep you ahead in the market for years to come.

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  • Online E-learning and Webcasting

    Take a major jump forward in the quality of online learning. Add the power to filter and engage global audiences with interactive, live content for marketing, training and corporate communications. Engage your audience like no other organization, live and on-demand. Keep a better focus of your staff, customers, students or general audience with ARES Interactive Media.

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ARES is a Patent Pending technology. We have filed for two US Patents: US 64/697,461

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